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Caffeination    #Stay_Caffeinated     فرحتنا بلمتكم

Joyfully Connecting

You with LIFE...


Freshly In-House Prepared Products

For every lifestyle you commit to

  • Classic

  • Healthy

  • Fitness

  • Vegan

Caffeine in Most Products

Most of our products, including our freshly baked cookies, contain a certain dose of caffeine

Best Speciality Coffee

We are committed to sourcing the greatest coffee beans with the highest qualities

Constantly Refreshed Themes & Atmosphere

Caffeination Team always hold something new and exciting for their amazing guests

Safe Daily Consumption of Caffeine

= 400 mg/day

Slow Brew & Daily Brew

100 mg of Caffeine

Espresso & Espresso-Based Drinks

75 mg of Caffeine

Cold Brew

150 mg of Caffeine

Decaffeinated Espresso & Decaffeinated Milk-Based Drinks

0.4 mg of Caffeine

Sweet Items Baked in the Shop
(Cookies, Banana Bread, etc.)

16 mg of Caffeine

Hot Tea

30 mg of Caffeine

Instant Coffee

32 mg of Caffeine per 1 g of Instant Coffee

Always stay tuned

At Caffeination there is always a new event where people can gather, socialize, communicate, inspire, and have so much fun in a unique and caffeinated environment…


Always stay energized and alert!


Caffeinated products like you have never tasted before

Through our appreciation for caffeine and the brightness it brings to your mind, we owe you the best specialty coffee experience in town!


“Fantastic coffee place that serves high-quality coffee which is by far the best in Khobar! The cookies and pastries are made freshly every day and taste truly amazing! The owner is very talented and I definitely plan on coming back more often 😊 ☕️”



We'd love to hear from you

+966 13 882 0633

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